grand marais mn - Stephen Hadeen
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A View To The Lighthouse

Grand Marais is an iconic small town along Lake Superior that has been voted best midwestern small town in the past. And no wonder. The area in town and the surrounding outlying area is beautiful and full of treasures to see and explore. The one downside is the tourist traffic. Even without the best midwestern small town designation, it has always been a hot spot to visit.

But on this particular sleety and gray day, I was almost the only one out exploring this part of Grand Marais. The lighthouse on the right was built in 1885 on the west breakwater wall. A second one (steel) harboring a light was built in 1902 and is located on the east breakwater wall. By 1937, both lights were automated and no longer required a keeper. Today, the keeper's dwelling, which was built in 1896, houses a museum.

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